Conscious connected breathing

We breathe every day. Everyone has a unique breathing pattern. The way we live our lives is visible in our breathing pattern. As a young child we already (unconsciously) choose to dose or control our breathing. By not breathing fully, we don't have to feel everything. 

We all have experiences in life that affect our breathing pattern. As we grow older, we unlearn to cry, yawn, scream, rest; basically to allow & express our feelings.

We unconsciously control or suppress feelings and emotions, for example, by tightening muscles in the abdominal area, breathing higher, exhaling tensely, or by simply breathing less expansively.

We can consciously use our breath to reconnect with our feelings and our body. To learn to let go of control and move through life with more confidence and flow.     By consciously choosing a fully connected breath, we invite every part of ourselves to flow again and relax completely.


Become aware of your inner world through the breath and develop personally through positive transformation.

You are yearning for a better connection between body, mind and soul. You are ready to feel both the lightness and darkness that is in all of us and are ready to clean up the (old) bagage that is stuck in your system to create space for life to flow through you. You are ready to open up your heart once again.


Breathwork Amsterdam
Breathwork Amsterdam

Who is breathwork for?

Breathwork is for anyone with an open-mind, a genuine interest in personal growth, healing, spiritual discovery, consciousness, wellness and creating positive change on the planet, and a willingness to participate fully.


Relief from stress, burn-out or tension complaints

Living from your heart, in contact and deeply connected with your feelings and intuition

Expression of feelings / thoughts / desires

Expansion of self-confidence

 Calming the Monkey-Mind 

Connected with your body, balance in lifestyle and diet

Releasing stored emotions, unprocessed fears and trauma

Effortlessly attract inspiration, dreams & direction with ease and flow

Embracing your sensuality and creative power


In daily life our cells are not getting the oxygen we need for optimal health. Scientific research shows that 2/3 of our energy comes from our breath and that 70% of toxins are removed through the breath.
Based on an analysis of your breathing pattern, you will be guided to clear up physical restrictions and improve the efficiency of your breathing mechanism  to transform the health and vitality of the physical body, producing:

  • More energy
  • Increased detoxification
  • Improved breathing capacity
  • Enhanced immune response
  • Improved metabolism and digestion
  • Muscle tension relief

Mental / emotional 

Your state of mind and emotions are associated with distinct breathing patterns.

Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed, anxious or scared, you breathe short and shallow, breaths, but when we feel happy and calm, our breath is full and relaxed?
During a breathing session you will learn how to consciously change the depth, rhythm and rate of your breath to hack the messages transmitted from the body’s respiratory system to the neuropathways in the brain.

This transforms:

  • Stress to calmness

  • Reacting to responding

  • Complaint to compassion

  • Hearing to listening

  • Disagreement to balance

  • Separation to unification

  • Blame to resolve


Humans are made of cells, which are made of atoms, which are made of particles of vibrating energy. Even your thoughts, feelings and emotions are vibrating energy. In Physics, the Law of Entrainment tells us that if you create an extremely high vibrational frequency in the body any low vibrational energy (including emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, guilt) is integrated and permanently transformed to that of a higher vibration. This allows you to:

  • Permanently clear repressed emotions, old mental tapes and feelings of lack & limitation

  • Deepen relaxation response

  • Enhance creativity and expression

  • Connect to a deeper sense of self expression

  • Access higher state of consciousness

  • Increase peace, clarity and joy.


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